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DietMaster 2100 Plus Low Glycemic
DietMaster 2100 Plus Low Glycemic
DietMaster 2100 Plus Low Glycemic

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DietMaster 2100 v11 is like having your own private nutrition counselor! Enter your personal profile to calculate your calorie needs and select from ready-to-print low glycemic meal plans and grocery lists designed by our team of registered and clinical dietitians. DietMaster 2100 also provides you the ability to analyze your eating habits to identify caloric intake and nutrient deficiencies. Set your goal weight and estimate the date you will reach your goal. Track your body symmetry measurements including arms, shoulders, waist, hips, thighs and more. Use the Body Composition screen to save historical body weight and body fat data and graph progress over 3 months, six months or one year.

** A note from our Registered Dietitan about the meal plans included in this program: These menus will help you follow a diet that contains low glycemic foods. Most of the foods contained in these menus have a glycemic index of around 55 or less. Following a diet full of lower glycemic foods can help keep your blood sugar level from falling too rapidly. Low glycemic foods do not cause your body to release as much insulin into your bloodstream and as a result are broken down over a longer period of time. The result is a longer, steadier release of energy, helping you to feel more alert and energetic through your day. The new DietMaster 2100 Plus edition includes a Fitness Assessment Module for evaluating ones overall fitness condition including cardiovascular, flexibility, strength and body composition.

A Download link will be provided immediately following your online purchase and a CD will follow in the mail within 7 business days.

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